Why I Can’t Eat My Chocolate Cake

I’m a coward

No, I’m not scared of the end result of eating my chocolate cake.

I’m not scared of what I will lose when I eat my chocolate cake.

The truth is, I’m scared of trying and failing to eat my chocolate cake,

When I take that big bite and realize that my chocolate cake is still there.

I’m scared of what people will think and say if I try to eat my chocolate cake.

“How could she eat her chocolate cake, when other people have even more chocolatey cakes and still manage not to eat them?”

Yeah, I still worry about what people will say.

You might think, hey, if you wanna eat your chocolate cake so bad, why do you even care what people will say?

The stigma of eating my chocolate cake will carry on not just to me, but to my loved ones.

My parents gave me this chocolate cake with love, and if I just go and eat it, all their hard work would just go to waste.

I actually don’t really care, because in my opinion, chocolate cake is pointless and would just be eaten anyway, by you, someone else, or something else. Might as well just do it right now.

Health-buffs would condemn you for it, but really, who’s to say whether they’re right or not?

Belief in health is relative.

I envy them sometimes, for having the strength to believe in something so improbable.

I’m not saying I don’t believe in health. I honestly can’t say for sure.

But facts remain, health can sometimes fail you.

People who don’t eat their chocolate cake end up getting sick anyway.

But I still can’t do it,

Because the thought of biting into that chocolate cake and not finishing it is just too devastating.

You’d have to keep that small portion, with people judging you for the chocolate smudges on your face.

You’d have to continue staring at it, wondering where you went wrong and whether you should try to eat it again.

You’d have that sinking feeling deep inside that maybe no matter how hard you try, your chocolate cake will still be there,

And it will be bitter, hard, and just plain disgusting that all you can do is keep it somewhere where it can never see the light of day again.

And that is why I can’t eat my chocolate cake.


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