Tabula Rasa (a short story)

We were acquaintances long before we were friends.
You disappeared; I clung too much. Then I disappeared; you loathed. You said too little; I said too much. You dreamt; I gave up. You chose, I wept for you; I chose, you hugged me. You brood; I complained. I loved; you hated.
I apologized; you apologized. Neither of us completely forgave.
Time passes.
Tabula Rasa.
We’re even.
I say something funny, you laugh; you say something interesting, I nod. I touch your elbow; you touch my arm. An old inside joke; a mutual interest. A passing look; an awkward smile. I say “well,”; you say “goodbye”
We were friends long before we were acquaintances.

I rarely do posts on feelings anymore, seeing as I feel too much and it just makes things really messy. But I got a quick outburst and this came up. Art. I consider it art, because it’s an expression of passion and emotion. And I think it’s a beautiful story, even if I do say so myself. The love and loss of friendship is always a complicated, tragic but beautiful story, summed up in the first and last sentences. What’s in between though, is the beautiful art behind it.

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