Make Way for the Minion

Game reviews aren’t really my thing, which is weird for a gamer-writer like me, but once in a while I find a game that’s just too good that I have to write about it. Now this game is special, because after downloading it, I’ve been playing it for an hour now and it took every ounce of will in me to stop just so I could write about it.

Despicable Me's Minion Rush

Despicable Me’s Minion Rush

The new Minion Rush game, starring our very cute minion, Dave, was released just yesterday in the Apple app store and I’m not sure when on Android’s Play store. Now let me share a little something about myself. I usually play these games after waking up and before going to sleep, which means I play them lying down on my soft comfortable bed while resting the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy S3 beside me, which means I play while lying on my side, which would then mean that most of the games I enjoy playing do not involve tilting the device. I enjoy simple pressing games, no tilting. Games like Temple Run don’t really get touched in that dusty folder in my iPad.

crush those little minions!

crush those little minions!

I was a teeny bit annoyed when my little minion had to die first to find out that there were phases in the game where I was required to tilt the device. But hey, it’s cool. For normal gamers, this phase is just one of the awesome variety of phases in the game, which makes it exciting and fun. For lazy gamers like me who lie on the bed, well, it’s a little sacrifice to make to lie on our backs and tilt the device. I’m saying that this game is fun enough for me to get out of my gamer-comfort-zone.

ooh! shiny cars!

ooh! shiny cars!

There are other interesting phases in the game. You start out in the lab first, where the minions work with little rockets and despicable stuff. But then I was surprised when I found myself running into this black thing with nowhere to go. Next thing I know, I was up in the streets, with buses and cars! And then there’s the Vector phase, and plenty of other surprises ahead! If the ba-ba-ba-ba-banana collecting isn’t fun enough, the minion-bumping called “despicable actions” are sure to make you giggle. Or at least, smile a little.

Another adorable thing about the game is the losing part. Yes, losing is adorable. There are different ways to lose here as in any runner games, such as falling and bumping stuff. Well, the adorable part is that there are different “reactions” for each of these! If you hit a rocket in the lab, the minion cowers and covers his head! Adorable little things…

Gameloft has really outdone itself with this one! Amazing and detailed graphics will sweep you off your feet as you play for the first time. Ingenious quirks will meet you along the way. And the adorableness of it all will keep you playing for a long time. This is a keeper. Go ahead and download it now! Minion Rush. Thanks for reading, and munch on!

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One thought on “Make Way for the Minion

  1. Joann M. September 15, 2013 at 9:26 am Reply

    I got bored after running through El Macho’s lair as I have to repeat the cycles again but just downloaded the Minion Beach today and I find the visuals somewhat refreshing.

    And by the way, if you don’t want to spend cash on tokens, I suggest completing achievements:

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