Nimble Life

Hey, reader! Boy, have I got a treat for you! It’s the latest, hottest, juiciest scoop on my oh-so-exciting unemployed life! (I really hope you get the sarcasm here). It’s about this new app I downloaded on my iPad, Nimble Quest. Similar to the classic game, Snake, you go around on a field non-stop and try to avoid obstacles, but it has many twists!


Nimble Quest

Now, just like I do with every entry I make, I’m going to discuss this one in relation to life and humanity (oh, what a shocker!), just be thankful this one isn’t about Oz anymore.

You start off choosing a main character, or a leader, to lead your soon-to-be long line of heroes. Everything relies on him/her. If s/he dies, everyone dies. Since Blaze is my favorite character, I shall now refer to the leader as Blaze. So Blaze leads the group. He shoots fireballs and collects gems. He also collects other things such as power-ups and other heroes. The other heroes help out with the attacking as well. But what happens if they die? Well, bye-bye hero, and the line moves on. Such is the life of a follower.


Blaze with other characters

Blaze is like that one thing in us that we hold on to. He is our fundamental option, a term theology students know so well. It is a basic life direction we choose at some point, upon which our other decisions are based. Blaze, as the fundamental option, leads and directs the other heroes, the other life decisions, around the field. What’s amazing about Blaze is that, not only is he the strength (being the leader), he is also the weakness. Being the sole basis of whether or not the team dies, Blaze has the burden of–well, not dying. The fundamental option of a human being is the same. While its strength is apparent in that it leads our lives, its weakness also lies in its frailty. Imagine if one day, the one thing you believe in suddenly seemed so untrue. Imagine if your biggest life principle did not seem applicable anymore. Your life direction wavers, leaving you confused. That’s why Blaze, your fundamental option, needs so much thought and care. We need to pick-up power-ups, shields, and potions, to keep Blaze going, to keep our fundamental option strong.



What’s interesting about this version of Snake is that the opponents move as well. They don’t just stand by waiting to be eaten. They also attack. The skeleton throws bones. The spider slows you down with webs. They even have healers on their side. I find this twist amazing. In life, we don’t just deal with static people. Just like us, the people around us are mobile too. They change. They grow. They attack. They heal. We choose our paths according to these mobile people. We pursue. We avoid. And sometimes, we clash.

Don’t worry, I have no more boring life lessons or metaphorical whatnot to give. I just want to emphasize how great this game is. Snake will always be a classic, a legend. The twists just make it more interesting. There isn’t a moment of boredom in this game, as you have to watch out for incoming attacks from all sides and at the same time try to collect gems. The character-building and the variety itself of the characters are also great for RPG fans out there, although it would’ve been better if we were allowed to choose our own skills to develop. Overall, it’s just really fun to watch your line of heroes grow as they blast fireballs and other things around to enemies, all the while reflecting on how much metaphysical sense this game makes.

Well, thanks for reading! Munch on!

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