The Five People You Meet in Blue Roast

Non-Ateneans, I apologize. I’m a bit too lazy to describe Blue Roast, so here’s one person’s description of it: Blue Roast. Long story short, it’s a senior event where you give a blue rose to someone, or at least, that’s the highlight of the event.


blue rose origamis

While I do agree with the description given in the link above, it is also my opinion that the blue rose shouldn’t be caged to the “unrequited love”. You can have your own reasons for giving the blue rose to someone, as long as that someone holds a special place in your heart.

So here’s the thing: The five people you meet in blue roast are the five possible blue rose recipients. Maybe this’ll help the future seniors and superseniors decide whom to give it to, or maybe it’ll just be a good nostalgia trip for the alumni. Either way, I’ll try to encapsulate the feelings of each here. Let’s begin, shall we?

*note: gender pronouns are interchangeable, obviously.

1. The BFF

Couldn't resist putting a personal pic. Ladies and gents, my best friend.

Couldn’t resist putting a personal pic. Ladies and gents, my best friend.

He’s always been there for you, through the laughters and through the tears; your cliché BFF. You have to constantly keep telling people that you’re not a couple, that it’s purely platonic no matter what it looks like. You’re comfortable around him all the time, never afraid to share your foiled romantic escapades or your long list of happy crushes. He’s your wingman and you’re his, except on those occasions where one of you greatly disapproves of the other’s choice, nevertheless you respect that choice and pray the other sees the light and finally moves on.

Why you SHOULD give it to him: Well, duh! He’s your best friend! He’s probably seen all sides of your personality, and he has loved (or tolerated) all of them. He’s your go-to guy. You cannot imagine going through college without him. He definitely falls under the category of “special”.

Why you SHOULDN’T give it to him: If you’re that close, surely you’ll be seeing a lot of each other after graduation, so why not give it to someone you won’t see much of anymore? Maybe you even have a deal with BFF that you won’t give it to each other because you’ll help him give it to that romantic special someone. The BFF is definitely a good choice, but it’s also an obvious choice. There are other ways to show your appreciation to dear BFF anyway.

2. the shallow/happy crush

the one that makes you stare dreamily

the one that makes you stare dreamily

Yep, that’s the one. Whether it be the simple but beautiful girl-next-door type, the chinky-eyed cheerful one, the exotic and fashionable one, the passionate and talented one, or simply the seatmate. This is the person who inspires you to go to that really boring class. You don’t know her well (or at all, for some cases), but you’ve always admired her, and she has all your ideal characteristics. When she’s not doing some cute quirk like doodling in her notebook or playing with her hair, she’d catch you staring and you’d quickly look away at some other person, hoping she’d think you were just bored. Call it shallow, but she makes you happy even without doing anything, and that’s something.

Why you SHOULD give it to her: It’s finally time to ‘fess up and tell her you’ve had a crush on her. Nothing to lose, it’s the perfect event! It’s a great way to make her feel appreciated, and to show her that somehow, she makes a difference by simply being her. Too philosophical? Well, there’s always the “I have no-one else to give it to, so it might as well be her.”

Why you SHOULDN’T give it to her: Simply put, it’s shallow. You don’t even know her, not well enough at least. And besides, if your type of happy crush is the typical kind, you’re gonna have to wait in line, a very long line. And when you finally get there, she’s just going to smile at you and say thank you like she did with the rest of them (not that that’s not worth it, because maybe it is).

3. the superstar

Olivia Olson, who played Joanna in Love Actually

Olivia Olson, who played Joanna in Love Actually (a must watch)

You’ve watched all her performances, probably stalked her online, saved all of her modeling pictures to your secret folder, and listened to all her covers. Yeah, you and the rest of the student body. She’s the superstar, the celebrity student, the face of a lot of promotional posters, and you are unfortunately a little bit obsessed with her. Just a little bit. Who can blame you? She is all sorts of perfect.

Why you SHOULD give it to her: Similar to the shallow/happy crush, it’s a great way to finally ‘fess up and tell her. Your once in a lifetime chance to actually interact with her, instead of just drooling over her in your seat as she performs on stage. She’s perfect, so why shouldn’t she be the perfect recipient for your blue rose?

Why you SHOULDN’T give it to her: Oh, another addition to her bouquet? Lovely. Of course she’s going to get tons of blue roses, and yours is just going to be a part of a giant set of blue roses. Heck, she can make a garden out of them already. It’s great to give it to a superstar, but maybe it isn’t so special.

4. the unrequited/bitter love

Charlie Brown and peanut butter <3

Charlie Brown and peanut butter ❤

Hello and welcome to the friendzone! Is this your first time here? I can give you a full-on tour. Over here we have your heart, broken and beaten, crushed to bits, and left to rot in a corner. Yes, such is the story of the unrequited love. No matter how much you try, you never seem to get out of the friendzone with her. And many times, you decide that it’s time to move on because it’ll never happen. You do try countless times with countless ways, but it always comes back. She’s always been nice to you, and once you start falling for her, well, there goes your relationship. Down the drain.

Why you SHOULD give it to her: This is honestly the most complicated one, which makes it all the more special. If you haven’t told her yet, what else could be more perfect than this to do so? If you already told her, one way or another, this could either be a “so, do I really have to be stuck in friendzone?” blue rose or a “here are all my feelings, let’s try to be friends again” blue rose. I think the latter is great, but it’ll take a lot of effort, and time, don’t forget time. But this is the original meaning of the blue rose, unrequited love, something you wish to attain but know you never will.

Why you SHOULDN’T give it to her: As if you guys weren’t awkward enough. Sheesh. Maybe sometimes it’s best to just stay in the friendzone. Confessing your feelings can make you so awkward that you’d lose everything. If you’re fine where you are, then don’t complicate things anymore. Just hope that the feeling will simply go away (which is extremely difficult, by the way).

5. the first love

first love <3

first love ❤

She was the first one to make your heart melt. She inspired you to do a lot of things. The thoughts of her caused you a lot of sleepless nights. You treat her like a princess without even meaning to. You stare at her differently, more deeply. You start to feel like doing a lot of crazy things like throwing rocks at her window at night and holding a radio on your shoulder, and then you feel stupid about thinking those thoughts. “What the heck is wrong with me?” Well, that, my friend, is your first love. Whether you became a couple or not, this one will always be special.

Why you SHOULD give it to her: For old times’ sake and for gratitude. The cheesy line “you taught me how to love” is a classic. This person has turned your world upside down. She’s also an obvious choice for the blue rose.

Why you SHOULDN’T give it to her: If you ended bitterly and haven’t moved on, DON’T give it to her, definitely. As another cheesy line says, “the first cut is the deepest” and you might end up just hurting yourself when you face her and awkwardly hand over that emotionally-filled blue rose.

Of course, there are other candidates for blue rose recipients such as your current boyfriend/girlfriend, a professor whom you extremely admire, a well-deserving friend, or (this one I personally, really don’t understand) yourself. It’s up to you. But a word of advice, make sure you don’t regret it. Make sure it’s special. Trust me, it’ll feel REALLY great afterwards.

Happy graduation, batch 2013!

Munch on!

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2 thoughts on “The Five People You Meet in Blue Roast

  1. Januel Rombaoa March 9, 2014 at 2:40 am Reply

    All my sentiments in one post. Thank you for this! 🙂

    • redvelveteer March 9, 2014 at 3:02 am Reply

      Sure thing :). Atenista ka din? So who’re you gonna give you blue rose to? 🙂

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