Two months left. Two months until a world ends and a new one begins. But what of those two months? What makes it any different from the past three and something something years? It’s the same thing, homeworks, long tests, and for the ones bold (and crazy) enough to juggle a handful of orgs, orgwork. It’s the same old thing… but it’s not.

Senioritis. It has its own wikipedia page here and even its own musical! Mostly it’s about feeling too lazy to do any of the work mentioned above because you feel like you’re already done with all of that. One of my friends said

it’s comorbid with tamaritis (tamad = lazy)

You’re looking forward to the next adventure too much that you lose sight of the current one. It can also mean feeling sad about leaving college. As quoted from a friend,

after this, life will be totally different, some people you might never see again, some things you won’t be able to do anymore, so you try to cherish everything you enjoy now while you still can.

He likened it to the concept of Mardi Gras where people go wild and celebrate before Lent.

I admit I’ve been guilty of these for the past few months already. I’ve already listed down the things I’m going to buy once I get my first paycheck! And here I am writing a blog once more, something I haven’t done since my freshman year when things were still new and the workload was still light. Well, there’s no easier way to resolve the first part of senioritis than to remember that we still need to pass in order to get our diploma. But I’d like to explore a different view on the second part of it.

Cheesy as I may be, I have been thinking about cold, hard perspectives for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to believe in these things, but I do enjoy giving them a thought or two. Just last month I had an idea about love being simply placebo effect (if anyone wishes to discuss this with me, as plenty of people have displayed interest in it already, you may approach me anytime). So what of senioritis? Are we expending too much energy thinking about how we’re going to miss college? Personally, I did not miss anything about high school when I left it (save a couple of people). But maybe that’s just me. I also took note of my very last recruitment week (for orgs) back in July, feeling sentimental about it, but that didn’t last very long. Now it’s just another week in my college life. This is simply how it is, people move on. Of course, some take longer than others, but eventually we all do. So those little things like walking beside your crush along the Bellarmine field, or laughing with your blockmates about that silly prof who you all dislike, or even that crucial moment (that I have yet to experience by the way) when you finally give that blue rose to the person you’ve been mooning over for the past three years; those moments will all just be another day in our college life one day. Did that make it sound even more sentimental? Well, that’s just senioritis acting on you. It’ll pass. Pretty soon you’ll be thinking about that cute officemate who smells like fresh strawberries, or that promotion you’re dying (almost literally) to get.

Human beings have brains that work that way. We push the past to our subconscious, or even unconscious, and put the now in our conscious. Unless you’re madly in love with someone that everything around you reminds you of that person because your brain has stored each single moment you’ve had with him/her in perfect detail, you will eventually put the past behind you. And I doubt anyone feels that way about college. So wipe those silly tears away, because that feeling you have right now is only temporary. Wow, it really hurt me writing all that down. Allow me to be cheesy for a while and say I do feel like I am going to miss a lot of things (and people, especially people) about college. I don’t know how long this feeling will last, if my cold and hard theory is correct or if I’m forever doomed to miss college. Unfortunately I have no good cure for the first part of senioritis. We all just have to give that extra push of motivation for the next two months because the university still has our diplomas. Seniors, superseniors, I wish you all good luck.

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